A Smile that Wins Hearts

For me being pretty is every woman’s basic right. Long hair, flawless skin, a confident walk or a carefree smile is something which can surely add to the ultimate beauty of a skin. Well, for me it is everything except for my confidence that was associated to the kind of smile I had – Maybe because I didn’t like my lips. I always loved the bigger and perfectly shaped lips. Well, what change Stylage Hydro could bring, no one else have brought. Thanks to Meso Pro from whom I buy Stylage Lidocaine everytime.

It was my wedding last year. Right before 6 months of wedding, I decided to have an organized diet plan for me in order to take care of my skin. Everything was at its perfect, the preparations, the wedding dress (as per my choice) the venue and everything else yet I wasn’t the confident, carefree bride to spread her sprinkles all over.


Well, this was obviously because; I did not like my lips which made me feel immensely unconfident about the way I am going to look at my wedding. Since, I was not confident about myself, there was no way anyone else could do to cheer me up.

From time, my assertion was somewhere losing which my husband could see vividly.

Well, it was basically his idea or plans whatever you say to do try an entirely new thing which sounded risky initially as well. Since I was at that stage of life, where you would ask me to eat sleeping pills just to have my lips much more prominent and enhanced, I’d do that anyway without giving it a much thought.

So the idea was to use lip fillers for my skin. As soon as I heard this, I went like “Noooooo-way” in my head. However, I still pretended to listen quietly and calmly.

So, we started searching all over the internet. I don’t think there might be a brand or filler that we haven’t looked into. Well, our final stop was Stylage Hydro– renowned for enhancing facial volume using hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient to rejuvenate skin. One of the reasons we chose this was that it was also recommended to us by my dermatologists. Stylage Hydro is a brand for not only facial fillers but it provides a huge list of fillers ranging from hair to lips. You can check more fillers from this range at meso.pro.

I still remember how nervous as well as excited I was for my new lips dimensions. Well, it turned out to be as well as promised – In-fact, better than that. The hyaluronic acid did the magic as I was told. My new lips felt more hydrates, soft and obviously ENHANCED. The way I always wanted them to be.

Well, it was an expensive treatment especially at the time of when your wedding is near, however, every penny was worth spending for.

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