Hello friends, my name is Maj. (R) Soloman and I wish to share my experience of my life after retirement from the German Army with SportsTech.  Having been in the German Army for almost 24 years, until the day of my retirement, I was very much fit and physically sound.  At the Mess, we used to make healthy food and regular exercise was a routine for all of us. However, after coming back home to my family, I felt become lazy and my diet has changed, as all my family members like to eat oily food.  After a month’s time, I feel lazy and tired, and not only I am missing a healthy environment but also I can feel my weight is increasing day by day.

One fine morning, at the breakfast table, I discussed the issue with my family and my small son has suggested me to join some Club, where I can do some exercise as well but can also expand my social circle.  However, the membership fee of all the Clubs around at to experience and I do not want to waste any money there.   Later, he suggests me to get some exercise equipment which is a one-time investment and it also attracts another family member to keep them fit and healthy.   My son also highlights a brand namely SportsTech which is offering a discount of 40% Off through Gutschein & rabatt.

While reviewing the offers from SportsTech, I also noted that they are offering equipment in installments as well.  However, since I do not have any regular salary now, and only have a pension, I decided to buy the equipment in cash.   There is a variety of products offered by the Brand, and it would be difficult for an inexperienced individual to select the products.  However, being in the Force, it was easy for me to select the products as per my needs.

Initially, I ordered an “All in One Elite Indoor Cycle Bike” which can easily be used by other family members as well. The Bike was delivered within a week along with a detailed booklet.  Soon after the receipt of the product, I got a call from the Customer Service Office, that if I need any assistance for the usage of the product, I can call the Expert for his advice at any time.   However, I thank them as I do not need any expert advice on the usage.  The product was already used by me at the Mess and I can teach my family members as well.                            

After a month’s time, my wife insists me to get a TreadMill for her, as she finds little exercise as an adventure and pleasure during her spare time.  After continuous follow up of her and on my son’s request, I decided to have a TreadMill as well, which is also beneficial for all the family members.

It now becomes a mandatory job for even my wife to spend at least half an hour on the TreadMill and Cycle, which gives all of them a real pleasure and freshness.  I do it for my health and all others are doing the exercise for their pleasure and fund, but it ultimately helps in getting them fit and smart.

I strongly recommend all my retired friends and colleagues too through the SportsTech and be alert and fit as they used to be in the Force.

Thank you SportsTech.

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